Single-sided Process


HT Circuits has 300,000m2 total monthly capacity in single-sided PCBs which is one of the largest in the world. We have 5 fully automatic printing lines installed to ensure that we meet global demands. Additionally, we have maintained several semi-auto lines which allowed flexibility for small quantity orders. Besides capacity, HT Circuits is continuously developing new processes to meet the technological challenges of today's industry.

Below are some highlights of our advanced processes:

● 5 Fully automatic silkscreen printing lines

● Photo-imageable circuits (up to 0.15mm line width)

● Photo-imageable solder mask

● Leadfree Hot air solder levelling

● OSP coating with optional chemical withstanding 3 times solder reflow

● Ionic cleaning processes

● Up to 200 tonnes punching machine

● V-cut machines

● CNC V-cut

● High pressure water rinsing

● Circular saw and guillotine cutting machines

● Flux coating line

● E-test module

● Fiducial mark checker

● Vacuum packing and thermal-shrink packing